Tangshan SanDing Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in December, 1995. It is a Sino-Japanese joint venture.

It was developed from primary Zunhua 3rd Chemical Plant and was one of earliest chemical enterprises in Zunhua region. Sulphamic acid was key product at that time and was popular. With development of our business and market demand, Tangshan SanDing Chemical Co., Ltd. was established by introduction of foreign investment. Tangshan Sanding is specialized in manufacturing and marketing of deep processing sulphamic acid and other new products. We introduce world leading technology and equipment. And our business has been promoted due to strict working attitude and sincere work style. In 2002 and 2004, we founded Laizhou SanDing Chemical Co., Ltd. and Yantai SanDing Chemical Co., Ltd. Meanwhile there are more abundant production lines. Main products at present are ammonium sulfamate, Amido Guanidine Sulfoacid, sulphamic acid, guanidine hydrochloride, liquid guanidine hydrochloride and etc. They are widely used in food additive, textile printing, medical intermediate, pesticide intermediate and flame retardant treatment fields.

At the beginning of Dec, 2016, our new plant is re-opened in Tangshan Caofeidian Nanbao Economic Development Zone, with larger scale, higher starting point and aspirations.

We always insist on operation tenet of "there is no best only better" to serve customers with superior product and service. We develop in intense market competitions relying on advanced technique and perfect marketing network. Our product has been sold to over 50 countries and regions.

We appreciate each opportunity for cooperation and we always cooperate with all friends based on principle of "mutual-benefit and win-win". We pursue of benefit maximization for all customers. In future we will serve new and old friends with high-quality product at most reasonable price with comprehensive service. We expect to create brilliance with you.


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